4 Your Vote

One Of El Paso's Oldest Voters

 The sky above downtown El Paso turned pink this weekend as the Ruiz family celebrated the 100th birthday of their beloved Carolina Ortega Ruiz; mother of 6, grandmother of 15, great grandmother of 19, and great, great grandmother of 4.

4 Your Vote: Strong Early Voting Turnout In Doña Ana County

New early voting totals this afternoon show strong voter turnout in Doña Ana County. Of the more than a 110-thousand registered voters,  more than 31-thousand of them voted early.

Politics Interfere With Some Social Media Users

For some people, Tuesday's end to the political season can't come soon enough. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you've probably seen political viewpoints being shared through social media sites.

Poll: Race Almost Tied

In Decision 2012, according to an average of eight national polls released between Sunday and Monday, the presidential race is nearly tied up..

El Paso Early Voting Locations & Sample Ballot

EL PASO — Early voting began Monday, Oct. 22. Check below for locations; driver's license or voter registration card is required. View the sample ballot here:

Early Presidential Voting Is Heating Up

Today President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry both cast their ballots. An all time record 13.6 million Texans have registered to vote this year. Here in El Paso more than 28,000 people have already voted.

'GO Bond' to Impact NMSU Students

LAS CRUCES — As Las Crucens head to the polls, they can expect to vote on what's called the "GOBond," or "General Obligation Bond C," which will have an impact on NMSU students.

Mayor To Clarify Prop 3, Opponents Launch Viral "Vote No" Campaign

Whether you're against it or for it, most everyone in the Sun City has an opinion about a downtown baseball stadium. Come election day, your vote could decide how to pay for it.