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A Man's Hard to Shop for List: Gift Ideas for Your Sister-In-Law

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 10:16am

You know who I'm talking about. Your in-laws, a teenager, your great aunt or co-workers – they aren't easy to shop for. Neither is your wife, but now that you are married you have to think about your sister-in-law as well. Show your wife's family who knows this year, and get her something great.

Tough to Shop For?

If you are unsure, opt for something every woman loves. Giving your sister-in-law flowers from FTD says you're caring and a gentleman, and the flowers will brighten up the room for days after Christmas passes. Other easy favorites? Fancy chocolate, movie tickets, a spa package or – with the help of your wife – surprise her with a weekend away for two to her and her significant other's favorite getaway. Just remember, whatever you get your sister-in-law, you need to get something of equal or of more significance and value to your wife.

For the Foodie

If your sister-in-law loves to cook, eat, smell or taste food, incorporate that into her gift. Show how thoughtful you are by giving a useful gift that fits your sister-in-law's personality perfectly. Find a set of decorative holiday teapots or personalized coffee mugs. Wrap them up with a bag or two of caffeinated hot cocoa mix and your present will have your sister-in-law – and the whole family – bragging about your gift giving skills.

An Outdoor Enthusiast

Buying for an outdoor enthusiast might seem easy – if you share a common love for the great outdoors. But if you don't, how are you supposed to know what to get her? Find out where she spends most of her time outdoors: is she camping in the wilderness, boating at the lake or hiking and biking at the closest national park? Buy her an annual pass to her park of preference. Every time she doesn't have to pay the permit fees she'll remember what a great guy her sister married.

For an extra boost, throw in a book about how to tie knots and include a rope or find her a water bottle that will clip on to her mountain bike.

The Stay at Home Mom

Moms are busy. You sister-in-law doesn't always have time to manage the house, be with the kids, handle the pets, balance her marriage and hand-write a grocery list. Help her out by giving her a magnetic electronic list maker. The SmartShopper Deluxe records her voice at the touch of a button, allowing her to seamlessly add items to her list. When it's time to run to the store, the SmartShopper organizes the saved list and prints it out. It's convenient and all the other women – and maybe men – in the house will envy her new gadget.

Think Tech Geek

It can be hard to shop for technology lovers, especially the ones who are always up to date on the newest gadgets. If your sister-in-law is a tech geek, don't feel obligated to get her the newest technology. Instead, have a sense of humor and find her something useful and tech inspired. For example, while you might not know what lens your photographer sister-in-law needs, she'd probably love a look-alike camera lens mug. Something quirky and fun can show you recognize her talents and support her.

If you are looking for something else, buy her a nice set of headphones and a statement jumpdrive. We all lose or use several pair while listening to music at the office, gym and at home and who can have enough USB flask drives.


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