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Top Five Fashion Trends of 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 1:24pm

The year 2012 has seen many new styles come into the limelight and as last year’s trends fade into the distance, it’s time that you hop onto the fashion train to keep up with the ever-changing looks. Plus size women around the world have been getting very excited this year, because the vast majority of popular trends work well on slim and fuller figures. Whether you have a pear-shaped body or an hourglass figure, you can guarantee that the following types of plus size clothing will flatter your shape.

1. Leather - Leather has made its way back into the fashion magazines and shoppers are swiping these garments off the racks quicker than ever before. The leather trend has cruised across the globe and when you wear colored leather with patterns and prints, you can create a casual, smart or quirky look. To make your figure look as good as possible, introduce leather garments on larger parts of the body. For example if you have wide hips, a leather high-waist skirt or trousers will look brilliant.

2. Faux Fur - Faux fur has returned to the forefront of the fashion industry and if you like the vintage Hollywood glam look, you should really think about buying this type of plus size clothing. Comfortable and soft, faux fur can be worn to spruce up an old outfit. This will not make you feel restricted in any way and this classic look will bring out facial features.

3. Peplum - The peplum look is one of the biggest trends of 2012 and celebrities have been seen wearing this style along the red carpet on more than one occasion. Whether you select the peplum style top, skirt or dress, you can easily hide away any bulges around the midsection. Every plus size woman would benefit from having one of these garments in their closet because the perfect hourglass figure can be achieved when worn with flat shoes or heels.

4. Bold Prints - Bold prints have been seen on everything in 2012, from swimwear to dresses. If you have a large frame, opt for larger prints as these will give you a desirable figure. You are sure to feel confident if you pair bold prints with dark colors. A dress would look great with a pair of black leggings worn beneath or alternatively, print trousers or jumpsuits will look appealing when matched with oversized accessories, like satchels or jewelry.

5. Metallic - If you have been trying to find plus size clothing that looks feminine yet chic at the same time, metallic is the material for you. Metallic garments can now be found in most stores and best of all, they look attractive throughout the year. Try not to overload on the metallic material but instead, go for the rock and roll look by adding some edge with a jacket, skirt or top. The metallic trend is favored by larger women because when worn, it creates a smooth and flawless look. Wear with shiny bracelets, earrings and a necklace to reflect light and stand out from the crowd. 


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