Learning a second language could be good for your health

Learning a language really is the gift you keep on giving your self or at least your brain. This study says that second language leads to sharper intellect.

Some mega grocery stores are going mini

Many mega supercenter grocery stores are now going mini. After years of grocery stores expanding in physical size, they are now shrinking.

Stay busy and cool with summer reading club

If parents are looking for a way to get kids to read more during the summer, here's an idea.  The El Paso Public Library is offering a free summer reading club challenge.

Number of teens exposed to E-cigarette ads is up

The number of teens exposed to E-cigarette ads has exploded, increasing the likelihood that they'll one day try smoking. That's according to a study published in the Journal Pediatrics.

Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has joined the concussion lawsuit against the National Football League.

Las Cruces City Council passes fireworks restrictions

The Las Cruces Fire Marshal recommended Las Cruces City Council restrict the use of fireworks.  A new 30-day ordinance says fireworks may only be used on paved or barren land.

This week is big week for Apple fans

It's a big week for Apple fans, as the tech giant kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference Monday. Also known as WWDC the event will feature first-time reveals of new Apple products and services.

Travel like a pro this summer, try these travel tips

Don't waste time or money, on your vacation! Experts say you can travel like a pro this summer by avoiding these common mistakes ahead of time. CNN travel ranked twenty of the top travel mistakes. Here are just a few.

CBP revises 'Use of Force' policies

U.S. Customs and Border Protection released a report on their use of force policies.  The changes are based on a report, compiled over a year, by the Police Executive Research Forum, an independent think tank.

FDA has new warning about tanning beds and sunlamps

The Food and Drug Administration is changing label requirements for sunlamps and UV lamps used in indoor tanning salons. It's reclassifying them as "moderate-risk devices" instead of "low-risk."

A new study ties a link between cynicism and dementia

A new study just published in the journal "Neurology" found that cynical people have a greater risk later in life of dementia.

Native El Pasoan and "The Voice" contestant returns for performance

Area musicians and local artist Jonny Gray will kick off an open-mic competition starting Thursday, June 5 from 7-9pm.  It's at the Fountains at Farah on the Promenade level.

White House hosting summit on sports-related concussions

Thursday at the White House, President Obama will host a summit on sports-related concussions. It's the first-ever healthy kids and safe sports concussion summit.

Sewage tests show drug use

(CNN) -- Imagine you could let your city urinate in a cup and submit the sample to a laboratory for drug testing. Would it pass? Researchers in Europe did something similar with 42 major cities, and many of them failed.

Bike ride to ballpark with free valet

If pedaling to the ballpark sounds like fun, Thursday May 29th is a good day to head to a Chihuahuas game and leave your bike lock behind.