It is graduation season, do you have a gift ready?

As a graduate, there may be no better sight than seeing a long skinny envelope arrive in the mail. They know it may be a congratulatory check from a friend or family member and this survey found that for gift givers, cash still is king.

Can diet soda help you shed pounds?

A new study scheduled to be released Tuesday provides some interesting results when it comes to diet soda and losing weight. Could diet soda actually be giving dieters a major boost or is this too good to be true?

Acquaintance of Aaron Hernandez expected to be charged with murder

An acquaintance of former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez is scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges this morning (Tuesday).

GM announces more crashes linked to faulty ignitions

More crashes are now being linked to faulty ignitions in GM vehicles. A spokesman says the number of frontal-impact crashes now tied to the problem is up to 47. It had been 32.

Check beef before your Memorial Day cook-out

Families holding Memorial Day barbecues may want to check their ground beef. The government has announced a recall of almost 2 million pounds of ground beef because of possible contamination with e.coli bacteria.

Man pleads guilty to battery in Criminal Sexual Contact case

Jesus L. Solis pleaded guilty to 4 counts of Battery after he was charged in July 2013 with 52 counts of Criminal Sexual Contact with a minor under the age of 13. Two victims pressed charges. A third did not.

$14.4 million grant to UTEP for biomedical research

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $14.4 million grant to The University of Texas at El Paso’s Border Biomedical Research Center.  The money will be divided over 5 years.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting hitched!

Do you know what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going this weekend? Getting hitched!

New study: We are likely more stressed at home than at work

As much as people complain about endless conference calls, boring meetings, and long hours at the office, a new study suggests that people actually experience more stress at home than at work.

Jewish leaders honor fallen Jewish soldiers

Jewish leaders spent Thursday at the Fort Bliss National Cemetery praying over graves bearing the Star of David.

Which states are the healthiest for senior citizens?

Minnesota has topped a list of the healthiest states for senior citizens for a second year in a row. Mississippi received the lowest score in senior health in the United Health foundation report.

Report: Xanax-related ER visits double in 6 years

A new report points to a growing problem between prescription drug misuse and emergency room visits. The report was released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Jury finds man guilty of shooting wife in less than hour

A New Mexico jury found Robert Braithwaite guilty of Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Battery Great Bodily Harm.  It took the jurors only 55 minutes to make their decision.

Be warned: Germs on nearly every surface on airplanes

Have you ever felt like you got sick from something you picked up on a plane?

Fleet Week returns to New York

Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are returning to New York, for Fleet Week. Three U.S.Navy ships-and two Coast Guard ships are taking part in the pageantry and sailing into New York Harbor today (Wednesday).