Why are pregnant women more likely to be involved in a car crash?

This is a pretty serious red flag out there for pregnant women. A new study found that women who are expecting a baby are at an increased risk of car crashes and it's at a specific time during their pregnancy.

Get ready to pay more to visit the happiest place on earth

Disneyland raises ticket prices...again.  That means you better get ready to pay even more to take your kids to the happiest place on earth.

Cancer patient wishes to meet KDBC Chief Meteorologist Robert Bettes

Sammy Duran is 29 years old.  He has Stage 3 Lymph Node Cancer.  He's been in the hospital for more than a month and is fighting for his life.

FDA halves recommended Lunesta dose, warns effects can persist into next day

(CNN) -- Lunesta may help you doze off at night, but it's the morning after that has officials concerned -- which is why on Thursday they halved the recommended dosage for the well-known sleep aid.

You pay WHAT for a babysitter?

Getting a baby-sitter is expensive these days and a new survey by Urbansitter.com indicates that the cost really can vary based on where you live.

GM announces new recall of 2.7 million vehicles

General Motors has issued five new recalls affecting 2-point-7 million vehicles. The largest applies to 2-point-4 million cars recalled for wiring problem.

Sears closing more stores?

Sears said this week that it may sell its 51-percent stake in Sears Canada, which operates nearly 20-percent of the company's stores worldwide.  It closed almost 100 U.S.stores last year.

Who's this couple?

Detectives are trying to figure out who their suspects are in a theft case.  A couple allegedly tried to steal a computer from an east El Paso store and there's video evidence.

Microsoft slashes price of X-Box One

Microsoft has slashed the price of its X-Box One and will now offer the console without the Kinect motion control system. Starting June 9, 2014 the company will sell the X-Box One for $399.

New report: Nearly 6% of worldwide deaths in 2012 were alcohol related

Three-point-three million people across the globe died from harmful use of alcohol in 2012. That represents nearly six percent of all deaths worldwide that year. The findings come from a new report from the World Health Organization.

Man accused of threatening girlfriend's life with broomstick

A man suspected of punching his girlfriend and using a broom handle to threaten to kill the woman was arrested Saturday.

Pregnant women 42% more likely to be involved in car accidents

From preparing the nursery to endless doctor appointments pregnancy can be a trying time. Adding to that stress, it could make a woman more likely to be involved in car accidents.

Potential health risk linked to your neighbor's house

New research says there's a potential health risk in an unlikely place, your neighbors' house. If a house near yours goes into foreclosure it may bring so much anxiety and anxiety that your health is negatively impacted.

CBP stops a ton of pot at El Paso port of entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers seized 2,111 pounds of marijuana at the El Paso port of entry.  It's worth an estimated $1,688,800.

What's in a name?

What's in a name? The Social Security Administration announced the most popular baby names for 2013. Noah unseated Jacob's 14-year reign to become the top name for boys.