Red Cross offers door to door fire safety tips

A house fire can be one of the biggest disasters a family can face and during winter, that threat goes up.  So El Paso Red Cross volunteers are spending their day off helping people come up with a plan.

Best Buy reports disappointing holiday sales

Best Buy reported disappointing holiday sales today (Thursday). The electronics retailer blamed aggressive sales from competitors and supply constraints for tablets and iPhones.

New study: Alcohol cause of nearly 80,000 deaths a year

A new study links alcohol use to early death. The information published by the Journal Addiction found nearly 80-thousand people die as a result of drinking alcohol each year in North and Latin America.

3 more flu deaths in El Paso

They're lining up for treatment and for shots across El Paso, as flu season worsens.  This year, according to the El Paso Public Health Department, the predominant strain is H1N1.

'Miracle on The Hudson' 5 years ago Wednesday

Five years ago today (Wednesday), a plane crash that could have been an unimaginable disaster, instead became known as the "Miracle on the Hudson." On january 15, 2009, U.S. Airways flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River.

FDA warns about large acetaminophen dosages

A new warning from the FDA over prescription drugs with acetaminophen. The Food and Drug Administration says prescription drugs with more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen could cause liver damage.

Seahawks, Broncos set limits on tickets to Conference Championships

The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are trying to increase the home-field advantage for their NFL Conference Championships Sunday. The teams are limiting ticket sales to residents with certain billing addresses.

Pizza Hut launches new way of selling pizza

Pizza Hut has launched a new way of selling its namesake product at two test locations Tuesday.

It's not too late to get flu shot

According to the CDC, high levels of flu activity are expected to continue for the next several weeks. So if you haven't gotten your vaccination yet, get one now.

New mortgage rules take effect today

New mortgage rules take effect today (Friday) that are aimed at protecting borrowers from abusive lenders.  The new federal policies are designed at reducing the risk of defaults and foreclosures.

Target announces: Recent data breach, bigger than orginally reported

Target's recent data breach was even bigger than originally believed. The company said today (Friday) that hackers accessed information belonging to 70 million customers, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Good news for frequent fliers

Frequent fliers on American and U.S. Airways can now start using their benefits through both airlines, that's according to a statement released y from American.

T-Mobile will pay you $650 to switch

T-Mobile has a new plan to lure customers away from rival companies. The carrier announced it will pay early termination fees for those willing to switch from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Republicans call for end to 'War on Poverty'

Some lawmakers in Washington marked the 50th anniversary of the "War on Poverty" by admonishing it.  Republicans argue that  the "Big Government" approach to poverty isn't working.

Bad news for Velveeta cheese lovers

For cheese lovers this is the worst possible news, and it couldn't come at a worse time. Kraft foods is warning of a possible shortage in Velveeta.