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Friend of man behind 'Ice Bucket Challenge' dies

A friend of the man who inspired the viral "Ice Bucket Challenge" died this weekend in a diving accident.

Video: Perry Talks indictment, border, 2016


What's next as authorities probe the killing of Michael Brown?

(CNN) -- Nightly protests went wrong again in Ferguson, Missouri, early Saturday. Law enforcement officers wore riot gear and used armored vehicles to face protesters, as looters ransacked at least four stores.

What's next as authorities probe the killing of Michael Brown?

US-What's-Next-Ferguson-Missouri-Michael-Brown-6-Image(s) Available (Originally Published: 8/15/2014 7:22 PM)

Perry fires back, calls indictment a political ploy


SeaWorld to upgrade killer whale habitats

SeaWorld is giving its killer whales a little more space.

CDC reports detail lapses in deadly flu cross-contamination

A lab mix-up involving a deadly flu virus strain added to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's public relations nightmare this summer.

Grand Jury Indicts Perry Over Integrity Unit Veto

A grand jury indicted Gov. Rick Perry on Friday on charges of abuse of power and coercion as part of an ethics inquiry into his veto of funding for the state’s public integrity unit.

Doug-istan: Texas man tries to start country in someone's house

You might recall the popular Family Guy episode when the main character Peter seceded from the United States. Well, it was no joke Monday when Doug Leguin here tried to start his own country in someone else's house!

Albertson's stores hacked for credit card data

Hackers have broken into the credit and debit card payment networks at two of the nation's most popular supermarket store chains: Albertson's and SuperValu.

Baby Boom: Ice Storm to Blame for Increase in Births

Oh baby! Doctors around North Texas are experiencing a baby boom. Bayor Medical Center reportedly saw 50 more deliveries in July than last year. And plenty of women are pregnant and ready to deliver in the next few weeks.

Business sees pros of Lieutenant Governor candidates

On the campaign trail, state Sens.

BBB warning: 'Click bait' scams exploit Robin Williams’ death

Whenever a major story dominates the news, scammers take advantage of the public’s interest with online photos, stories and social media links that claim to offer sensational details.

Michael Brown suspect in robbery before he was shot to death, police say

Investigators named Michael Brown, the teen shot and killed by police in a St. Louis suburb, as a suspect in a convenience store robbery that occurred moments before the shooting, according to Ferguson police documents released Friday.

Burger King is scrapping its "satisfries"

Burger King is scrapping its "satisfries." Those are the lower-calorie fries that have been on the menu for about a year at most restaurants, but they weren't popular enough to keep around.