CA Governor responds to ad luring California businesses to Texas

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 4:22am

California may be thousands of miles away from Texas but Governor Rick Perry is attempting to lure California businesses into the Lone Star State with radio ads.

According to CBS Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown responded to Perry's ad, calling it "barely a fart." Governor Brown also pointed out that the Golden State does have issues with doing business and his administration is working on regulatory reform.

The 30-second ad highlighting the benefits of doing business in Texas will run in major California cities. In it, Governor Perry states doing business in California is almost impossible, but doing business in Texas is realistic saying the Golden State will cost business owners 6.3% above the national average while the Lone Star State is 4.6% below it.

Facebook fans also responded to the ad posting, "smart move," "Ours is below it because Texas strangles workers with minimum wage jobs and no protections whatsoever."

We also hit the streets to get residents take on the ad. Rodrigo Enriquez is a transplant from Chihuaua who says he's seen the impact foreign business have made in Mexico.

"Because you get cheaper goods for the United States, since the manual labor is cheaper. You get jobs for Mexico but sometimes you take away inner jobs like jobs for Mexico and jobs for businesses in the United States. It could create the same problems, just on a smaller scale... When it happens with two nations," Rodrigo Enriquez told us.

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