2 new cases of West Nile found in El Paso area

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 12:40pm

El Paso Department of Public Health officials say they are investigating two new cases of West Nile virus in the Borderland.

Health officials say that the 8th case is that of a 59-year-old female living in the 79928 zip code, while the 9th case is that of a 48-year-old man living within the 79915 zip code.

The two new infections brings the total number of cases in the El Paso area to nine for this year. In comparison, at this time last year there were 23 confirmed cases in El Paso and three deaths reported.

Roberto Resendes, Public Health Director says, "We need residents to literally stop what they are doing, go outside their home and see if there is any standing water outside. Whether it is flowerpots, children's toys, or even gutters with blocked downspouts that are collecting water, they need to dump it out or drain them. Be sure to turn items over to prevent breeding if we get more rain."

Resendes adds, "If we don't do this now, we could start seeing the same number of cases we saw last year, or even more."

The list of this year's cases is shown below:

16 y/o Male 79928
52 y/o Female 79936
62 y/o Female 79925
62 y/o Female 79932
63 y/o Female 79924
70 y/o Female 79922
48 y/o Female 79924
59 y/o Female 79928 (new)
48 y/o Male 79915 (new)

For information on West Nile and how to prevent the its spread, click HERE and select the West Nile Virus tab.


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