3 elephants escape circus in St. Louis, damage cars in Shiners' lot

Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 12:11am

(CNN) -- What's better than a bull in a China shop? Three cows in a parking lot -- elephant cows, that is.

The snooty trio -- all circus stars in St. Louis, Missouri -- seemed to get cabin fever in their enclosure Saturday and found a way out.

But they only made it to the parking lot, where they dinged two cars and were quickly rounded up by their handlers, according Dennis Burkholder, spokesman for St. Louis' Shriners.

The parking lot belongs to them, and the elephants may well, too -- they work for the Moolah Shrine Circus, where they strut their stuff on their hind legs under the big top to earn their peanuts -- or whatever it is they eat.

Burkholder said the parking lot is private and not accessible to the public. The damaged cars belong to circus employees or Shriners -- who the circus website describes as men in "funny red hats, who drive little yellow cars, dress like clowns."

(Their words, not ours.)

The elephants didn't get a dent or a scratch, but after their ordeal, the circus gave them Saturday night off, Burkholder said.

The show goes on on Sunday.  


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