Albuquerque residents spooked by the Grim Reaper

Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 12:38pm

A mystery sighting along the interstate in Albuquerque - on the eve of the Supermoon has many residents spooked. Eyes of passersby were drawn to a dark figure looming over the San Jose Del Rosario Cemetery on Gibson.

Witness Michelle Gonzales said "It caused a lot of attention. It could have caused an accident. Somebody could have gotten hurt. Everybody was freaked out. Everybody wanted to know what it was."

Michelle Gonzales thought a crash caused the backup. But when she got out of her car, she snapped a photo. "I actually was gonna try and walk up and see what it was. some guy stopped me and he told me that it probably wasn't the best thing to go up there, 'Cause you never know."

The tall figure cloaked in black was holding a bouquet of flowers.

More pictures from that night popped up on the 'Inhabitants of 'Burque Facebook page. the image has spread quickly. And hundreds of people are commenting.

"I just wanna know why. know what he was doing." said Gonzales.

One Facebooker says the person did more than raise some eyebrows, but caused a panic. Some are cracking jokes like: "I want Darth Vader at my funeral."

Gonzalez told us "One guy says it's maybe seriously the angel of death. Just...people were saying some weird stuff. But I mean, if you would have seen it, you would have 'What the heck is that too?" Gonzales says drivers stopped along the onramp. Some even stopped on the interstate to get a closer look.

Witnesses say Albuquerque Firefighters and Police officers responded but APD has not confirmed they were there.

So what he was doing - and why - may only be known to the person underneath the cloak.


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