Anamark employees without pay for weeks

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 7:45pm

Students and instructors would have been in class Wednesday evening. Instead, they have been shut out and even had the gate to the Central campus closed on them when they were asking the owners for answers.
Students are clinging to the gates of Anamarc College, waiting for answers and something more than what they call empty promises. “I mean what are we supposed to do?,” Robert Ponce, an Anamark student said. Students have been ushered out of class and employees given pink slips after weeks without pay.

"Our money was taken out we had direct deposit and they said they didn't have the money to cover that. In the meeting they had with us yesterday they told us they don't know when they'll be able to pay us,” Emily Alcocer, a former Admissions Officer explained. Now students and faculty alike are scrambling.

"We're almost done and all the money we've put into it, all the time we feel like it's just a complete waste,” Ponce explained. Local colleges are reaching out to help but say unfortunately many students credits won’t transfer. But there is some good news. Anamarc’s accreditor is promising students they’ll be allowed to finish their education at colleges or university with comparable programs. And if schools don’t offer such programs, they will be assured they won’t have to pay back their federal loans. If students paid out of pocket, Texas Tuition Protection Regulations require Anamarc owners to pay them back.

But it’s a hassle students don’t want to deal with, “"And I don't think this is fair. I literally asked them, 'where's our money going?,” Ivana Perez, another Anamarc student said.

While former employees say they’ll manage, "I'll be fine. I've already talked to people today. I'll move on, I'll find a new job ,” Alcocer explained. Their thoughts are with their former students who have invested thousands of dollars for an education which won’t be realized at Anamarc. "I feel worse for the students who put in the time and effort because we've been students ourselves and I'd be devastated."

Anamarc owners continue to decline on-camera interviews. They only tell us they are experiencing ‘temporary cash flow’ issues. But a former instructor claims that’s not true. They say some employees knew for months the school was going under but were threatened to keep their mouths shut.


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