Architectural design high school students get tour of ballpark

Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 4:41pm

Computer aided design students at Bel Air High School got a sneak peek of the new ballpark construction in downtown El Paso just six months before its completion.

A dozen students had the opportunity not only to take a closer look at the construction site but to learn about the project process and the amount of work it takes to complete a stadium of its size. The ballpark is now serving as a project model for high school students.

This morning computer aided design students toured the perimeters of the site.

“Our expectations are overblown we never thought that we would something get this close and seeing the stadium from this aspect so the kids right now they’re excited, “ Bel Air High School CAD teacher Steve Salcido said.

“I really like it. It is fun and something I’d like to do you know them talking is helping me out wanting me to its making me want to do construction or engineering,” CAD student Marcus Sarmiento said.

Superintendent of construction Larry Diaz said taking the students out of the classroom and exposing them to a real project really makes a difference.

“doing it on paper and actually doing it in the field is a totally different field you learn a lot learning it from the field and actual learning at school it’s good for the students that are coming out here,“ Diaz said.

“not everything is the same way as it is on paper it could be perfect on paper but when you come out and it’s time to build it is not always going to be the same,” CAD student Samuel Arredondo said.

But for most of the students it’s a motivational experience as this project is considered an accelerated construction site which requires dedication.

“I do get motivated because it feels like i should push myself more in order to be able to build this so o could be one of the people who could be in charge of this construction site maybe one day.” Arredondo added.

The ballpark is expected to be completed in April 2014. Jordan Construction Company officials said the students will have a chance to visit other city projects in the near future.


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