Ariel Castro prision guards didn't do timely rounds

Friday, October 11, 2013 - 9:34am

Two Ohio prison guards skipped their rounds and falsified log books the night Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro died. That's according to an internal investigation by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Castro was found hanging by a bedsheet in his prison cell last month. The guards were placed on administrative leave after his death. The ohio state highway patrol will decide if any disciplinary action against the guards will take place which could include termination.

Castro pleaded guilty in August to more than 900-counts relating to the kidnapping, sexual assault and imprisonment of three women.

Meanwhile, a new Ohio medical examiner's report finds Castro did not die of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Rather, Franklin County Coroner Paula Gorniak says Castro's death was suicide.

According to corrections officers, Castro was found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell, with his pants and underwear down but Gorniak says that doesn't mean auto-erotic asphyxiation was responsible for his death.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation involves depriving the brain of oxygen by controlled strangulation to intensify a sexual experience.


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Why all this negative news on the guards? Give them a paid month vacation for emotional stress they suffered from this maggot dying on their shift. Personally I hope they furnished Castro with a good sheet that wouldn't tear maybe even give him a boost up. We do not need people in existance like Castro. I was going to call him an animal but animals don't even do what he did. Thank goodness the taxpayers don't have to pay to keep this thug imprisoned any longer.

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