ASARCO Smoke Stacks Will Be Demolished

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 7:21pm

The trustee of the ASARCO site decided the iconic smoke stacks will come down.

This comes nearly a week after city council rejected taking on responsibility for the site, which was one of Robert Puga, the ASARCO trustee's stipulations for keeping the stacks up. The old copper smelting plant has been abandoned since ASARCO closed business in 1999, and then the company went bankrupt in 2005.
A group called “Save the Stacks” was trying to convince the city to take over the site and turn the 860 foot tall smoke stacks into a monument, but council reps. ultimately determined the price tag was too steep to make taxpayers for it.
Now site trustee Robert Puga has made a final decision for the ASARCO trust will demolish the stacks. “The Save the Stacks group you know led an admirable effort. They did not submit a proposal that met all the criteria. It was shown that the stacks had a structural defect. To identify an entity that owned the stacks, that was not done when the city declined to purchase it," said site trustee Robert Puga.

The Trust's engineering team will put together a schedule for the demolition activities as well as a public meeting which can be found at this website.


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