Battling the winter blues

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Monday, December 30, 2013 - 10:15am

The cold and dark days of winter can definitely make some folks feel down, but before your invest in light therapy, investigate other potential mood busters.

Experts say the holiday season is often a big culprit. After we all come down from that shopping high, there are big bills to pay and that can lead to seasonal stress.

Overwhelming obligations to friends and family are often draining. Learn to just say no sometimes and if you can't avoid a stressful relative, Harvard Medical School Research shows that taking a deep breath before chatting with the dreaded aunt, uncle, or cousin decreases tension.

Poor eating habits can also affect your mood. Those include skipping meals and over indulging in sugary snacks or alcohol. Try adding extra fruits and veggies into your diet and learn to manage your expectations.


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