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BBB warns locals of iPhone scam

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 7:28pm

A new text message is circulating, claiming recipients won an iPhone 5 or $1,000 Walmart prize.

The Better Business Bureau warns that this is a scam - clicking the link may download harmful software to your mobile device or computer.

They argue you cannot win a prize in a contest you never entered.

Even if the organization or contest is well-known, be suspicious of any callers, emails, text messages or other contact that requires you to give out your personal information.

"If you are a victim of this scam it's really important that yo,. number one, again contact authorities, and also contact us so that we can be in touch with the media so that we can continue to raise awareness in our area," said Margo Monreal from the Better Business Bureau of El Paso.

No cases in El Paso have been reported however, the BBB warns it's better to be aware of this common type of scam and be safe, than sorry.


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