Big changes on UTEP campus


Some headaches in the meantime

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 5:37pm

Big news coming out of UTEP.  The campus is getting a facelift. While some students say it might cause a headache, the univeristy is aiming to keep students safer.

The construction on UTEP's campus could be a little annoying.

"I don't like the construction so much, but I know in the long run it'll be better in the end because there won't be so many cars passing through," said junior David Medina.

On Monday, it'll get worse, as crews close off a main intersection on campus to start building Centeninal Plaza.
It'll be a place where students can study, play or just relax under some much needed shade on campus.

"I think it might be a little bit disruptive, but we have a beautiful campus and I think it's just going to serve to make it even more gorgeous and I think students are happy about that, said senior, Gina Cortez.

The goal of Centennial Plaza is to commerate a hundred years of UTEP.

"If you can imagine just erasing all of the cars that are out there and just seeing this beautiful plaza, it's going to ve just totally different," said UTEP President Dr. Natalicio.

Some of the visions for it are more immediate.

"This has been a big safety issue but it's also an aesthetic issue," Dr. Natalicio said.

The cars on campus can be dangerous to pedestrians, especially because most of the sidewalks are considered too narrow.

"I think that it'll really definitely make it safer," said Cortez.  "Students, right now, walk in the streets they kind of disregard their safety a little bit and I think this going to help them not worry so much".

It's not just about safety or beauty either, campus officials are trying to be environmentally conscious by adding a water recycling facility to help water all of the new shade trees on campus.

the water recycling plant will be located behind the Education building.
They hope to have the project done by July 2014.
In the meantime, cars will no longer be able to enter campus on University Avenue or Hawthorne Street.


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