Bill allowing voters to elect regents stalls

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 11:50pm

A proposed New Mexico law allowing voters to elect regents at universities has stalled in committee.

Las Cruces area State Representative Jeff Steinborn introduced the legislation that would allow for three of the regents at the state universities to be elected by voters.

"This is just the beginning point for this whole issue of reforming our leadership system at the universities and it's really critical that New Mexico do this," Steinborn said.

He said the bill stalled in committee due to party line voting but hopes this opens the door to further discussion.

He added the people should have more input on who is running the universities and would provide more transparency by making the regents accountable to those who elected them.

Steinborn plans on reaching out to legislators in hopes of pushing the bill forward before the session ends in about two weeks. 


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