Borderland residents stock up on last minute deals

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 8:43pm

Stores across the city were packed with shoppers Christmas Eve day -- trying to buy those last minute gifts.

The Quinones siblings are all smiles this Christmas eve day as they play with an item that's about to be their own. "I'm just happy. I'm getting something that I really needed so I'm grateful for that,” Anjelica Quinones said.

Like many Borderland residents, the Quinones parents, Miguel and Lilliana, visited the Fountains at Farah to score some last minute deals. Many stores knock down prices on Christmas Eve. "We're saving about $200, today. As if I would have come yesterday. I always wait for the last minute,” Liliana Quinones told us.

The Quinones family were not the only ones looking for deals. "It's just hours until Christmas. Yeah, I know. But she's kind of picky so she doesn't want what I already bought for her,” Elsa Samaniego of Juarez said.

"I usually get everything done before Thanksgiving. This year I don't know what happened. I guess I procrastinated too much,” Jose Silva of East El Paso said.

Online surveys by and Consumer reports predicted this heavy shopping trend. Claiming 90-percent of consumers would be shopping at stores like best buy at the very last minute. "I think right now is when we get the best deals. I found really good stuff,” Liliana told us.

And with stores offering some deep discounts just before Santa hits our chimneys.

Consumers like the Quinones family are counting on last minute Christmas shopping to score deals...

"I'm just happy, you know, that I can provide something for them right now,” Miguel Quinones said.

And also reminding them what the season is all about. "Thank you, Dad. Yeah, thank you Dad,” the Quinones siblings chimed.


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