City of Anthony water infrastructure to benefit economic development

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 10:22pm

The City of Anthony, New Mexico unveiled a new water treatment plant Thursday that will not only provide residents with clean water but hopefully attract new businesses.
The millions of dollars worth of improvements to the city's water system has changed the quality of the water.

"The water's real good," said lifelong Anthony resident Cornelio Holguin.

He said at times the water was so bad it was undrinkable and the EPA had also placed the city notice due to high arsenic levels.

Now new wells, pumps and a reverse osmosis system funded by various agencies has reduced the contaminants in the water to almost nothing.

"It's great for the community they can open their taps and not worry about any contaminants," said Anthony Water and Sanitation Superintendent Jose Enrique Terrones.
WIth the proper water infrastructure in place, the city hopes to attract new business.

USDA State Director of Rural Development Terry Brunner said most companies are looking for the essentials when they consider where they might set up shop.

He said broadband internet access, water, sewer and roads have to be in place or you can't have business growth.

"You need to have good clean water and you need to have good wastewater treatment," Brunner said. "We're trying to lay that infrastructure here in Anthony so they can grow."

With the new water infrastructure, Anthony is prepared for several years of growth with the system designed to sustain 20 years of residential and commercial development.


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