Coach Keitha Adams on season, Don Haskins and family

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 3:41pm

The UTEP Women's Basketball team is making history Wednesday night. They will play in the WNIT Final Four in front of a sold out crowd at the Don Haskins Center.

It's been a dream for Coach Keitha Adams in the 13 years she's been coaching the women's team, but was never a reality, until now.

"To be playing in a Final Four and post-season play, in March Madness, and now in April, it's definitely something you always dream about, and it just goes to show that dreams do come true," said Adams.

Adams, who is originally from Kansas, said it was El Paso and the game of basketball that brought her here. She worked alongside legendary UTEP Men's Basketball Coach Don Haskins, and said that it is his advice that has helped her stay grounded through all of this season's success.

"I think the thing that Coach really shared that was always good was that I think you have to be really smart about how you handle your team after a loss, or versus after some wins, you know you don't want to get too happy," she said.

Despite her success professionally, it's been a tough year for Adams personally. Her father passed away in August, 2013.

"When I played ball, he was at every game I played. He's always been at my games that I've coached, so this has been an adjustment this year, him not being there," she said.

Adams said it's been the game of basketball, and this year's team that has helped her cope.

"I'm like looking up there going, 'he's part of this magic that's happening'. It's a team I'm always going to remember in multiple ways, but obviously they're the team that's helped me get through this first year without my dad," said Adams.

Her dream of selling out the Don Haskins Center has finally come true, and she said only one thing could make it better.

"Championships are special. I just think the most important thing for us is to just love the game back, because the game has been so good to us, and let everything take care of itself."

The UTEP women will face South Dakota at 7 p.m. Wednesday.


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