Cohen Stadium gets temporary tenant, city still deciding what to do with building

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 7:20pm

The future of El Paso’s Cohen stadium is up in the air. City council discussed ideas of what to do with the now vacant complex in Northeast El Paso, on Tuesday. That discussion happened behind closed doors and it’s anyone's guess as to what exactly the city will choose to do with the stadium. While city officials could not say exactly what they will do with the building, they're determined to keep it and are currently cleaning it out.

Cohen stadium is getting a temporary tenant. Circo Hermanos Vazquez is in town this weekend. "At the present time, we're exploring options as far as how we go forward in the future,” City Rep. Carl Robinson, of District 4 told us.

City council discussed the former home of the diablos behind closed doors and as we pressed Robinson for more information, "I'm not at liberty to say that,” was his most used answer.

Robinson could not divulge too much but he did bring up some options including a previously mentioned idea - turning it into a water park. "A lot of ideas been floating around. One, keep it as a baseball stadium, which the stadium itself will stay intact."

Northeast El Paso residents have their own ideas about the stadium's future. Which has not been used since February after the city took over the property ending their years long lease with Diablos Baseball.

"Well, maybe they could turn it into a bull ring,” Edward Anderson of Northeast El Paso suggested.

"I think a hospital should be built out there. Northeast doesn't have a hospital,” Sherry Anderson also of Northeast El Paso added.

Another option would be to book other events at the stadium including concerts, Robinson said. We also asked him how much it's costing the city to clean and possibly upgrade Cohen -- he told me that he could not speak on that matter.


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