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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am

Cold weather brings generous donation

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 11:00pm

The Salvation Army was in a predicament earlier Tuesday, as more people than usual were seeking shelter from the wind and cold.
So they put out a call for help.

They never leave a soldier behind.
 On this cold, blustery night the U.S. Army at Fort Bliss helped out another kind of army, the Salvation Army.

"We just can't thank them enough," said Wes Trueblood from the Salvation Army.  "We really can't. Obviously there are so many people who are in need especially when you're looking at conditions like this".

The weather started turning windy and colder last night making for a much different borderland today.

These guys at the Salvation Army on East Paisano knew they were going to need more beds to help out the homeless.  Fort Bliss loaned them forty cots to help those in need.

But there's another aspect of the sudden cold spell that can be dangerous.
Big temperature flucuations like we're expecting by the end of the week can make you sick.

"If you're not prepared and you don't have your coat your body, which is accustomed to running at a certain temperature it's resistance is going to change," said Robert Bettes, Local 4 News Chief Meteorologist.

Don't get confused though, Bettes said it's not the weather's fault that you get sick when the temperatures change drastically.

"The weather will not make you sick," said Bettes "What happens is that your body is not prepared for dramatic change in temperature".

Your body might not be prepared, but the Salvation Army says they are..


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