Construction will begin soon for Triple A Baseball Stadium

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 6:33pm

Residents will soon see the walls of the Triple A baseball stadium built. MountainStar Sports Group says work on the foundation will begin in May and that news is already attracting several perspective business owners to Downtown.

It has taken crews about a month for the building once known as City Hall to look more like mounds of dirt. A couple of El Pasoans we spoke with say the site looks good.

MountainStar Sports Group says the preparation for the new Triple A baseball stadium is going well. "Soon you'll be seeing the ballpark coming out of the ground. The work crew is currently cleaning up the site," Alan Ledford, President of MountainStar Sports Group said.

But before the new team can play ball, some El Pasoans are hoping to hit a homerun with their perspective business plans.

"I was walking around downtown looking for a good spot for a sports bar," Joel Gonzalez said.

"I am looking for a place in downtown because I think it will be very helpful for my gallery," Karin Wolner explained.

Karin and Joel both say Downtown is where it's at.

"I'm actually thinking down Franklin Street I'm looking at potential targets down there. And it looks pretty nice," Gonzalez told us.

"People need to come downtown. They need to start brining their money here," Wolner said.

At least, Downtown is where it's going to be at once the new stadium is built.

About a year from now the sound of cheering fans will replace the sounds of construction. So, for bright-eyed future entrepreneurs like Joel and Karin, time is on their side.

"That gives me enough time as an aspiring business man here in downtown," Gonzalez said.



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