County Commissioners approve $152 million bond

Monday, April 8, 2013 - 5:59pm

After 7 hours listening to arguments, El Paso County Commissioners approved a $152 million bond to help University Medical Center build three clinics across El Paso.

It was one of the best attended county commissioners meetings in quite awhile, with more than 40 speakers signing up to give a piece of their mind.

Doctors, surgeons and medical professionals calmly waited their turn to express opinions opposing a bond that they say would bring not only competition to their practices, but would charge their already poor patients even more money.

"I agee with the general concept in that the city is underserved and needs medical services and surgical services however, I disagree that it should be a burden on an already overburdened community," said microsurgeon Dr. Jose Monsivais.

One of the major arguements against the bond was the money would come out of property taxes, adding about $20 a year to the average homeowner's bill.


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