County Commissioners fill two board seats

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 7:11pm

El Paso county commissioners filled two board seats left vacant by the late Dan Haggerty in Monday’s meeting.

Commissioner Vince Perez will sit on the county's purchasing board. "So I'm eager to get to work on that to see how we can streamline our processes to save taxpayers money and make sure we're working very efficiently,” County Commissioner Vince Perez, who represents District 3 said.

While Commissioner Carlos Leon, who is also the former police chief will sit on the Emergence Health network board, "There are too many people in jails that shouldn't be there. And that's one of the things that I know Commissioner Haggerty worried a lot about and I worry about that, too,” County Commissioner Carlos Leon, who represents District 1 explained.

County Judge Veronica Escobar says she's giving herself some time to make a decision. "I kind of gave myself an internal deadline of at the end of the month. I'd like to stick to that,” Judge Veronica Escobar stated.

She also said she has received dozens of recommendations and resumes but is looking for two things in particular, "At the very least, it should be someone who is very familiar with how big budgets work, or how big organizations work."

Filling the seat by the end of the July is especially important with budget talks looming over the commissioners heads "It's going to be difficult for anyone who comes in because budget is so intensive."

So intensive, in fact, the judge says she may choose to delay her decision if she doesn't find the right candidate. "Even if that means we delay budget by a week or two,” the Judge said.

The judge also told us she will be meeting with community members to help form her decision. Another requirement the judge is looking for - the person who serves as interim county commissioner for precinct 4 will not intend to run for the seat.

She said that hasn't been an issue so far because so far the candidates aren't interested in permanently sitting on the court.


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