A court order could put an end to one woman's haunted house

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 9:06am

A court order could end a Maryland woman's annual Halloween display.

For the last three years, Donna Kerr has welcomed more than 4,000 people into her backyard haunted house for free, but not everyone supports her scary yard.

Last week, she received a cease and desist order in the mail from Montgomery county.

According to reports, at least 11 neighbors complained the display creates a traffic hazard in an area with limited parking.

Kerr said, "It's made me sick to my stomach when you have people hating on you and you're trying to do a thing for the community. It, like, it hurts me."

She also said she will argue her case in front of a judge next week.

Until then, she said she will continue prepping the yard for Halloween.


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