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Creative community Glasbox seeks public support to remedy financial woes

Friday, June 28, 2013 - 1:28pm

A local creative community reaches out to the public for help.

The Glasbox, a building housings dozens of artists and entrepreneurs in Central El Paso, is on the ropes in terms of keeping their location and renovating their facility.  The building is in need of electrical and air conditioning improvements. A social media campaign aimed at saving the Glasbox at their Cotton and Texas location looks to raise donations to help keep the place afloat.

"It's a resource sharing operation for creative artists and creative types of people, said Owner/CEO Chris Bevins. "I just built this skeleton. What people see when they come here is ll of the individual artists and groups that have their own personality."

All of these personalities include actors, painters, musicians, metalsmiths and countless other creators. In addition to accepting donations to renovate the building  the Glasbox is offering memberships for access to artspace and office space.

To donate or register for a membership, visit


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