Detective: Many Hours Passed Before Baby Was Discovered Dead

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 2:56pm

In official investigative documents, 2-month-old infant Colton Soto was found dead under a pile of pillows in an east El Paso home after his mother dialed 911 because her son was not breathing.

Many hours had passed before the infant's mother, Lindsey Hradek, 21, discovered his car seat had toppled, resulting in the infant's asphyxial death on Oct. 9. Both Hradek and her common-law husband, Bobby Soto, were arrested on charges of injury to a child on Nov. 16.

A drug test by Child Protective Services found that both parents had used cocaine prior to the 911 call.

Investigators said the baby suffered sleep apnea, and prior to the incident, a pediatrician had prescribed a sleep monitor to preventing harm to the infant during sleep. Hradek discontinued use of the monitor and returned it against medical advice.


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