Dona Ana County enters into agreement with Luna County in their pursuit of CITE

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 8:17pm

Dona Ana County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday morning to enter into an agreement with Luna County as the neighbors to the west pursue a $1 billion research facility Pegasus Global Holdings wants to build in New Mexico.

The agreement would open the lines of communication between counties in hopes of them working together and reaping the benefits of the project being constructed in the area.

"With this proposed research facility, not only does it pull in the university from both the branch that is in Deming but also the main campus," said Dona Ana County Commissioner Karen Perez.

Pegasus is looking to build a Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation that would be a 15-square mile uninhabited city, similar to a mid-size American city with a population of 35,000 people.

The CITE facility would be a research center where scientists would explore new technology in the fields of energy, water and agriculture.

"There is a strong possibility deals will be closed by spring," said Luna County Manager Kelly Kuenstler of the of the possibility of Pegasus acquiring land in the area.

Kuenstler couldn't elaborate if Pegasus had selected Luna County due to a non-disclosure agreement between both parties.

Pegasus officials said locations are still being evaluated.

"At this point no final location has been chosen," said Toni Balzano, spokesperson with Pegasus Global Holdings.

Balzano added the agreement between counties is a procedural move in order to continue exploring the area.

Balzano said there is not timeline as to when a decision could be made.


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