Abie Han Prepares for Biggest Bout of His Career

Friday, January 21, 2011 - 7:36pm

Light Middleweight Abraham "Abie" Han is 11-0, with 9 knockouts in his young professional boxing career. The 26-year old has been training for the fight of his career when he faced Orpheus Waitte at the Texas Station Hotel in Las Vegas. Televised by FSN, Han is excited to get back in the ring after a slow 2010.

"Actually I don't care who I am fighting, as long as I get fights. I had three fights last year, so it was really dissapointing, so hopefully this year I get some more fights. I try to box a little more now because you can't go in there swinging. It's like a chest match, if you show your cards too soon, it's checkmate, the game is over."

His trainer, Louie Burke, likes the chance for Abie in his career. "It's a big opportunity for Abie if he proves that he is up to the task, then we should see more of him on TV with bigger fights, and he should be world ranked here in the near future. Out of 11 fights, he has 9 knockouts, but I have tried to get him away from that. I would rather him work on his combinations because he has tremendous hand speed."


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