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El Paso County Medical Examiner Will Keep His Job.

Monday, February 22, 2010 - 8:53pm

El Paso County Medical Examiner, Dr. Paul Shrode, will keep his job.
Even as allegations continue that he is unfit for the position.
The county attorney's office told county commissioners on Monday that Shrode is qualified to be a medical examiner; but the office did find what they call some, "minor misunderstandings."
Shrode's resume states that he had a law degree from Texas State University; when in fact he had just taken some graduate law classes.
Though he embellished on his resume the county attorney's office said it doesn't mean he's not qualified to be medical examiner.
County Commissioners took no action against Shrode and he will keep his job.

County Judge Anthony Cobos who was displeased with the decision said, "If the final decision were mine I would terminate Dr. Shrode!"


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