Filipino Councilman Captures Killer's Image in Photo Seconds Before Murder

Courtesy NBC
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 7:12pm

PHILIPPINES— A Filipino councilman left a haunting image after he was shot and killed.

Reynaldo Dagsa, a local councilman, captured the image of his killer before he was shot and killed.

Dagsa was taking a picture of his family outside of his home on New Year's Eve. The picture clearly shows a man aiming a gun from behind Dagsa's family only seconds before he was murdered.

Dagsa died of his injuries at the hospital.

Dagsa's family said they didn't hear the gunshot due to all the firecrackers going off around them.

Police used the picture to arrest two men whom they say are the killer and his accomplice.

Dagsa's funeral was Tuesday.


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