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A Juggling Act

Behind the scenes of the 2010 El Paso Circus Spectacular...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 7:32pm

EL PASO - "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...welcome to the 2010 El Paso Circus Spectacular."

Behind the scenes of classic family entertainment... it's a three-ring circus with lots to juggle.

"We have trapeze, we have tigers, elephants, aerialists, showgirls, clowns."

Oh my! This spectacular also features El Paso native Audrey Alvarado... one of two female ringmasters in the entire world.

"I really like to see the children of course the little girls that come up to me and they're like so excited and I really like it when, you know, even sometimes the mothers come and say it's so nice to see a woman out there."

In its 100 years... the circus has jumped through many hoops to remain a popular form of entertainment... defeating the allure of new technology and the effects of economic downturn.

"There's nothing that we can show them to impress them other than it is live. They still get that contact. They still can get on top of an elephant which you can't simulate on a computer. So when you come to the circus you really go back to your childhood."

Now... let's talk about the elephants in the room... the biggest... most high-maintenanced stars of the show.

Fourth-generation elephant trainer Billy Morris always needs a helping hand... as these divas require three baths a day.

"We're pretty much family. You spend so much time with them making sure they're not hungry."

Food for thought... Morris says the four elephants in the show consume nearly 500 pounds of food per day... now that's a lot of junk in the trunk.


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