A Local Cosmetic Surgeon Performs Breast Augmentation on a 68-year-old Woman...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 6:59pm

EL PASO - A local cosmetic surgeon reports a growing number of "mature" women interested in well... growing.

Age is just a number and size does matter for this 68-year-old great grandmother who just became the mother of a new set of twins. She wants us to call her Katrina for the purposes of this story.

"None of her family members know, or friends. She's left it as a secret to herself. For her, it's more exciting that way."

Katrina's cup now runneth over after becoming bosom buddies with Dr. Julio Novoa who helped her achieve an hourglass figure in well... just over an hour.

"She's really, really spunky and really outgoing and after I found out that she wasn't really doing it for the wrong reasons I went ahead and scheduled her."

Dr. Novoa had never tried his luck at a little nip and tuck on a patient over age 50 because of the complications associated with general anesthesia. However... a concentrated numbing technique called the "Klein Method" allowed Katrina to stay awake during her transformation from a large A cup to a large D.

"You do not need any type of medicine for pain prior to the surgery and the benefit to that is that in the case of breast augmentation we can literally sit you up in your chair while the implants are in place and determine exactly what size you want to be."

Dr. Novoa says patients can return to work in three days and to the gym in one week after the procedure.
Katrina confirms this... saying the surgery is no boobie trap... she really does feel like a new woman.

"She cannot find the words to explain how she feels. She's feeling very excited. She feels good about herself."

An uplifting tale of out with the old and in with the new.

"I think that there's a lot of men out there that should be considering picking up a telephone and making a phone call to see if she's available."

Katrina says she's single and ready to mingle... hoping to find that mister right who can help her live her happy before-and-after.


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