Rodriguez Sustains Injury in Training

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 5:45pm

According to David Rodriguez's training camp and doctors, David has sustained a serious right knee injury during training for the upcoming heavyweight fight in Las Vegas. Rodriguez (36-0, 34 knockouts) was supposed to meet Manuel Quezada (29-7, 18 knockouts) on July 13 at the Grand Casino in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

According to hid doctor, the progressive painful symptoms do not allow him to train any further and be prepared for next month's fight. He will undergo arthroscopy of the right knee for treatment of the full thickness articular cartilage injury. The multiple loose bodies and unstable tissue will be resected and removed. The defect will undergo microfracture technique to regenerate cartilagenous tissue . Postoperative rehabilitation will be essential. He will be operated by Dr. Luis Urrea, a sports medicine fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon from the El Paso Orthopaedic Surgery Group. " David has great potential to return to his world class boxing level following surgery and rehabilitation. I have a high level of confidence in his healing potential" stated Dr Urrea.

Local 4 spoke to Rodriguez today, and he told us he is 100% after receiving over 70 stitches in a fight in Scottsdale, Arizona back in December. The doctor gave Rodriguez a clean bill of health, and has been training hard since then. Rodriguez also suffered a torn calf muscle on top of the knee injury, but that is a minor setback.

Rodriguez, who was rated as high as #13 in the WBC rankings last year (he is currently #17), and is the current WBC Mexican National Champion.

David will undergo surgery at the El Paso Specialty Hospital which specializes in musculoskeletal surgical care.

Luis Urrea II, MD
El Paso Orthopaedic Surgery Group


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