Two Embassies in Rome Bombed

Anarchist Group Claims Responsibility

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 5:37pm

ROME— An Italian anarchist group is claiming responsibility for two Embassy bombings that happened early Thursday afternoon, Italian news reports said.

The Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata, or ANSA, reported that the Federazione Anarchica Informa, or FAI, has claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Swiss Embassy and the Chilean Embassy, both in Rome. FAI is reportedly from Greece. Minister Roberto Maroni said that both sets of bombings, along with the attempted bombings in early November, seemed to be linked to an “international anarchist movement.”

The first bomb at the Swiss Embassy seriously wounded a 53-year-old mailroom worker on both hands. Police said he might lose one. The Swiss embassy also houses the ambassador's residence. The second bomb exploded at the Chilean Embassy and wounded one person whom was taken to a hospital, police said.

There was no warning of the attack, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said. Police in Rome began checking all other embassies in Rome after the explosions. Bomb threats were called in to City Hall and another government office in Rome, but no bombs were found in either location.

A note found at the site of one of the two embassy package blasts in Rome said “Abbiamo deciso di far sentire di nuovo la nostra voce con le parole e con i fatti. Distruggiamo il sistema di dominio. Viva la Fai, viva l'Anarchia. Federazione Anarchica Informale cellula rivoluzionaria LAMBROS FOUNTAS" [“We have decided to make our voice heard again through words and actions. Destroy the system of domination. Long live FAI, long live Anarchy. Federazione Anarchica Informal revolutionary cell Lambros Fountas”].


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