Value of Peso Makes It Cheaper To Shop In Juarez

Friday, June 8, 2012 - 11:22pm

EL PASO- If you frequent Mexico, you may have noticed it's getting cheaper to make your purchases from the other side of the border.

The Mexican peso is on an upward trend to the U.S. dollar and that's stopping many people from Juarez from shopping in El Paso.
According to UTEP Economics Professor Tom Fullerton, the peso currently sits at 13.9 to the U.S. dollar.  He says if anyone who lives in Juarez wants to save money, their best bet is to make their purchases in Mexico.

During the holiday shopping season, many El Paso retailers cash in on extra business from across the border from Mexican nationals seeking a deal.
Maria compeán lives in Jaurez. She says the U.S. dollar is very expensive and says her family can't afford to do all of their shopping in El Paso anymore, and they prefer to stay in Mexico. Maria says she only buys products in the U.S. that she can't buy in Mexico.
Even though it's becoming cheaper to buy goods in Juarez, she says there isn't an increase of U.S. shoppers because the violence in the troubled city scares consumers away.

El Pasoan Ashley Vasquez says she is willing to wait in the border crossing lines to save a buck or two.
"I'll probably go there right now and get something because it's weird that it's cheaper over there than here,” said Vasquez.



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