El Dorado HS heightens security after man reportedly sneaks on campus, makes inappropriate comments to students

El Dorado High School
Friday, April 11, 2014 - 8:17pm

A Socorro High School is on alert after a "suspicious" man reportedly managed to sneak onto campus and scare several students.

Students at El Dorado High School came forward saying a man who wasn't supposed to be on campus was making inappropriate comments to them and harassing young girls Monday afternoon after 5p.m.

Local4News obtained a school surveillance photo of the man, who seemed to be wearing a white sweater, dark pants, and white Nike sneakers when this all happened.

The high school immediately sent the following phone message to parents:

"Dear El Dorado Parents:

On Monday after the students were released to go home, it was reported to us that a male entered our building through the athletic area and spoke to some of our students.  The students immediately reported the incident.  We have notified the Socorro ISD Police Department and our campus is on alert should anyone be on campus without proper identification. 

We continue to prioritize student safety above all else.  All visitors must report to the office, and security personnel continue to work throughout the day to secure the building.  We have extended the hours of our security team to ensure coverage during after school hours as well."

Some students said the incident made them uneasy.

"It was really scary, especially because I think they called my mom and she was like texting me, 'Are you okay? Do you want me to go take you out of school?' and I didn't know what to do really," said Alison Velasco.

"The first time I heard, I was actually amazed because I didn't think that that could actually happen," said Victoria Nuñez.

El Dorado High School said the man left campus before the students could report him and now, El Paso Police, district staff, and all district officers are investigating the situation.

"It can show how vulnerable it is to get inside the schools. They're not completely secure. So, I mean it's just something to look at for future," said Sophia Davis.

"We got to get more security, more security around the schools. Safer for kids, students," said Efren Gutierrez.

El Dorado High School says their campus does have a safety plan in place and that their staff is properly trained. They say their safety policy includes a requirement to keep all doors on campus locked but in this case, officials don't know how the man got near the students.

Since Monday's incident, the school has kept security guards on campus for longer hours and students now have to travel in pairs when going to the restroom.

"I don't really feel nervous about it because we do have a lot of security guards around the school, and I'm always with my friends. I'm never alone so I feel safe," said Brandy Bermejillo.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance photo or have any information about his visit to the El Dorado High School campus, you're asked to call the Socorro Independent School District Police at 915-937-4357.


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