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El Paso Airport unveils new FREE parking lot to wait for arriving passengers

Sunday, September 1, 2013 - 11:52pm

The El Paso International Airport unveiled a new cell phone parking lot that will be completely free for people waiting to pick up arriving passengers.

The new parking lot has thirty spaces and is about one minute away from the airport's front entrance.

Drivers must stay with their car while parked inside the new parking lot.

Airport Spokesperson Elizabeth Bellegarde said the parking lot was built to help alleviate curbside traffic near the terminals.

New parking fees at other parking lots went into effect Sunday, September 1.

Short and long term parking, which used to be free for the first 30 minutes, will now only be free for the first 10 minutes.

Bellegarde said the new cell phone lot is expected to accommodate drivers who used to park in short term parking.

The new fees are listed below:

Short & Long Term Free Parking Free for first 30 minutes Free for first 10 minutes.
Short Term – Initial Fee $1.50 for 31 minutes to 1 hour $1 for 11 minutes to 1 hour.
Long Term – Initial Fee $0.50 for 31 minutes to 1 hour $1 for 11 minutes to 1 hour.
Long Term – Each Additional Hour $0.50 $1.
Max Daily stays the same - $10 for Short Term, $5 for Long Term.

Bellegarde said eliminating 50-cent increments improves customer service and reduces the need for petty cash.


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