El Paso clinic impacted by new abortion restrictions

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:52pm

New abortion restrictions in Texas are preventing an El Paso clinic from performing the procedure, at least temporarily. Reproductive Services of El Paso can no longer terminate pregnancies, although right down the street at Hill Top Women's Clinic they can.

That's because the new law requires the doctor performing the procedure to have admitting priviledges at a nearby hospital. A doctor at Hill Top has those priviledges, although no one at Reproductive Services does.

The clinic hopes to change that soon.


Reader Comments

I'm not sure how many little boys and girls will be saved in El Paso due to the new law, but I'm glad Texas is at least bringing the issue back to public awareness. There are big bucks in the baby killing bizz so I'm sure this local clinic will work something out.

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