El Paso mayor says “It Can Wait”

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Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 8:20pm

El Paso Mayor Oscar Lesser said he's been guilty, but is now stressing "It Can Wait"
Thursday, he joined the Mayors United Against Texting While Driving social media drive for pledges by partnering with A T & T and the “It Can Wait” movement. The campaign challenges El Pasoans to pledge never to text while driving. People can make the commitment by texting “icwelpaso” to 464329.

"We've all been guilty and moving forward we need to be the example," said Mayor Oscar Leeser.

"It's important that everyone needs to know that texting while driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence," said Irma Bocanegra from A T & T.

The campaign will run in a number of Texas cities from now until the 30th. Results of how many took the pledge will be announced on October 1.



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Texting while driving is bad news. Saw the results first hand while living in Idaho. A car with 3 teen-agers passed me on I-15. Moments later they veered left, crossed the median, became airborne, rolled a couple of times, & crashed on the opposite highway bank. Killed all three. Texting was determined to be the cause as the driver still had a cell phone in his hand, with the message he was texting half completed. Thanks, Mayor.

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