El Paso Mayor talks big business in 1st State of the City address

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 7:20pm

The mayor is talking up in El Paso, both here and across the country, in the hopes of luring big business to the Borderland. While the mayor talked at length about plans for the city, when it came to his big announcement of a business heading to El Paso, all he would say is it’s happening.

"To the what?,” Mayor Oscar Leeser simply exclaimed when reporters asked him more about the big business announcement the city will make Tuesday.

We asked him for a hint, “No. it's... you know, it's a company that we've been working with and talking to for quite a while,” Leeser told our reporter. The Mayor has been jet-setting all over the country in his first nine months in office, courting businesses. In this year’s 16th annual State of the City Address, he shared his tactics, "Our job is to go out and sell our city. Talk about our great community. Talk about our workforce."

A topic he took to the national level a month ago, "We have invested $473-million in ourselves,” the Mayor proclaimed on Bloomberg TV.

Unemployment stands at 6.7-percent, a low not seen since 2008. "What we're talking about is creating jobs for our community."

It’s a vision Western Technical College representatives agree with, "Mayor Leeser in trying to attract big businesses to El Paso has really been able to benefit us because we're able to place certain students with these businesses,” Brad Kuykendall, the Director for the college said.

The mayor also acknowledged the city's outdated reputation - the lack of local activities and venues for residents. Something both he and other elected officials have worked to change. "We talk about the zoo, we talk about the children's museum, we talk about great things that will be for El Paso for their children; their grandchildren,” Leeser said.

And while he remains mum on who's coming to El Paso. "We'll tell you all about that company on Tuesday." We at least got a glimpse into what's he's accomplished so far and what he hopes to achieve.




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