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El Pasoans Take Notice of Anti-Piracy Bills delayed

Saturday, January 21, 2012 - 12:50am

EL PASO - The House and Senate decided to hold off on a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills Friday after a massive online protest and dwindling support from lawmakers.

The Senate bill PIPA, was going to be up for a procedural vote on Tuesday, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Friday the vote would be delayed.

SOPA, the House version of the bill was also placed on hold.

Both bills were intended to protect copyrighted work from being stolen. Some felt the anti-piracy laws would strip people of their online freedom of speech. That concern led to the widespread protests online.

New Mexico State University student Silvanna Francescutti said she took notice of several major sites shutting down on Wednesday.

"Wikipedia was shutdown for a day or so. Google also became part of the protest by setting a black bar on it's site," said Fransecutti.

Several Facebook pages also shutdown in protest. El Paso 411 shut down their page locally for 24 hours.

El Paso Congressman Silvestre Reyes said on Wednesday he would be opposed to SOPA in it's current form.

No word on when the bills will be up for discussion again.


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