EPFD investigators expected to try to determine cause of fire in Central El Paso

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 8:51am

Investigators were expected to go back to four buildings to see if it’s safe enough to go inside to determine what started the massive fire on Alameda and North Estrella in Central El Paso. Firefighters had been monitoring the four buildings that went up in flames to make sure they don't flare up.

The fire started at the Las Vegas Lounge at 4 p.m. Thursday. The flames shot dozens of feet into the air, and the smoke could be seen across the city.

The fire spread to an auto body shop next door and the fire kept on spreading to a vacant building full of storage, and another apartment building next door.

It was so dangerous firefighters could only battle the fire from the outside of the buildings.

Sixteen people were evacuated from nearby apartment units and across the street. They were allowed back into their homes Friday night.

The Red Cross was helping people who live in apartment above the Las Vegas Lounge.

Firefighters said they know the fire started here in the lounge, but don't know how exactly.


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