EPPD identifies couple involved in stabbing, shooting deaths

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 12:58pm

EL PASO — What began as the deadly stabbing of Annette Hernandez, 35, early Monday morning ended in the shooting death of the murder suspect after he threatened police with knives when they approached him for questioning.

The deceased murder suspect, 38-year-old Charles Edward Morales, was the estranged husband of Hernandez and went to her home on Dale Road early Monday morning, police said. She was accompanied by Adrian Archuleta, 41 at the time of the confrontation. Police said Morales fatally stabbed Hernandez numerous times in the upper torso. Archuleta was seriously injured from stab wounds in what police said was an attempted murder by Morales.

The police investigation into the Dale Road stabbings led officers to a home two miles away -- near the intersection of Lariat and Mustang streets.

"They were out here in the attempt to locate the person that we believe is responsible for the murder on Dale Street.” Sgt. Chris Mears of EPPD said.

That’s when officers say they were face-to-face with Morales, the prime suspect in the investigation, and he and approached them with weapons.

Police then used a Taser to try and stop Morales however the attempts to subdue him failed, prompting an officer to shoot Morales. He died at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.


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