Family remembers maquila's explosion victim; They say medical treatment was not enough.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 8:43pm

An El Paso family is sharing their emotional rollercoaster after what they went through this past week while their uncle underwent treatment, and then died at the medical center in Juarez. He was one of the 4 victims of the maquila tragedy that is still raising many questions.

With a heavy hart and melodic songs that's how the Lopez family remembered 41 year old Jorge Lopez Gonzalez.

A loving father and hardworking husband that died last days after an explosion at the Blueberry candy factory in Juarez.

"My dad was a fighter he was strong, he always wanted the best for us he was loving, caring supportive of our decisions he was my everything a role model as a father," Jorge’s son Lorenzo Lopez said.

Jorge was one of the 4 workers that couldn't make it. His family says the accident left him severely burned and injured.

Even though Jorge passed away his family wants an explanation. According to Lopez’s niece Vanessa Gomez the medical treatment he received was too late.

"Why it took so long for him to get the necessary help why it happened there's so many unanswered questions for us we may never know everything," Vanessa Gomez said.

Medical authorities in Juarez responded to the family's accusation saying the state offered the best service possible.

"the medical institute worked fast and efficiently when we had the contingency last week however we did have most of the operating rooms full and we couldn't have patients waiting until the room would be free but we used all the installations possible," Mexican medical center’s spokesperson Rosendo Gaytan said,

The family says their objective is to prevent this from happening again and to make sure the local hospitals are properly equipped.

"For them to inspect all of their boilers all of their equipment all of this could have been avoided with weekly monthly inspections that’s all I ask so tragedies like this can be avoided," Gomez added.

State official add that blueberry maquila management placed all of the employees in other factories owned by the company. It's still unclear when or if the damaged blueberry facility will re-open its doors.


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