Family says they witnessed law enforcement gun down loved one

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 12:23am

A family watches, as their loved one is gunned down outside a West El Paso apartment complex.

"They approached us really fast, and they just said Juan. They called his name, they started shooting at him, they didn't tell him nothing,” said Crystal Olivas, a wife and mother of two watched her husband's death outside her West El Paso home.

And what's worse, so did her two year old daughter.

"Why did they do it that way, in front of my daughter, they didn't care, nothing. they still don't talk to me," said Olivas.

She says a U.S. Marshall shot him multiple times and then left him there, dying, without any explanation.

"I went to the truck and he had a gun shot in his arm. He was not responding but he was still alive," said Olivas in tears.

People across the street at the YMCA, heard gun shots.

"They had seen people shooting each other and then we called 911 to get the police out here,” said Westside YMCA Executive Director, Randy Wastradowski.

The FBI tells a different story. They say the man had a record, including a charge of assaulting a Federal officer, but were tightlipped about exactly what happened at the Casa Barrancas apartments.

"We're not releasing information on that right now, nor the situation that happened that led to the shooting, nor the subject involved at this point," said FBI spokesperson Michael Martinez.

Crystal's parents admit their son-in-law wasn't perfect, but say the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"It wasn't right what they did to him. He was a worker, good father, and he had his little issues, but he didn't deserve to die that way. The cops didn't see the good side of him, only the bad," said Josefina Tinoco.



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