Find a fan, get a buddy


Extreme Weather Task Force asks El Pasoans to look out for each other during the heat

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 4:47pm

The average high is 96 in June.
For those without air conditioning, that's too hot.

"Our goal is to educate the community on how to stay well, how to stay safe, how to stay healthy, how to avoid death and how to stay cool," said Grace Ortiz of the Extreme Weather Task Force.

Too many people die in the summer because of the heat. That's why the Extreme Weather Task Force gives away fans to people and helps the elderly and disabled during the summer.

"You and I perspire and that's our way of staying cool," Ortiz said. "They [elderly and babies] don't and for some reason they are most affected by the heat, which can result in death".

Ortiz is ready to give out hundreds of fans to people who truly need them to stay cool this summer.

"I rely on donations," she said.  "I ask you if you can afford to skip a lunch or a dinner with your family, please purchase a box fan at Walmart or your local store and take it and drop it off at one of the local fire departments".

There's more to this program than fans. The Extreme Weather Task Force wants everyone to find a buddy. A buddy is someone who lives alone, is elderly or disabled.

"Pick up the phone everyday during the extreme heat and ensure that they are fine,"  she said.



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